"The truest measure of our impact is the knowledge that we are responsible for the care of other people's children for 24 hours a day throughout the entire year, which is why we ensure that our services are of the highest quality."

- Alex Capo, LMHC, Executive Director

Evidence-Based Clinical Services


hours of Equine Therapy


hours of Individual Therapy


hours of Psychiatric Nursing Services


hours of Family Therapy


Psychiatric Medication Management

Ketchum Grande Memorial School

100% of eligible seniors graduated with Regents Diploma for the 5th consecutive year

6 months of aftercare provided to every graduate

1,500 hours of Social Emotional Learning

920 Career Development & Occupational Studies Partners


of eligible seniors graduated with Regents Diploma for the 5th consecutive year

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Charlton School Legacy Society

The Charlton School Legacy Society was established to recognize generous alum, friends and staff, who have made provision in their wills and other estate plans for a gift to the Charlton School. Since 1960, more than 70 donors have given and pledged approximately $2.1 million dollars to date in planned gifts to support our mission far into the future.

Contact your financial advisor to help you plan a bequest that will be satisfying economical, and effective in carrying out your wishes.

John E. Abbott
Helen C. Allen
Mary Anderson
Frances A. Bartholf
Bridget W. Blatz
Minnie Wells Boswell
George A. Bowman
Mabel G. Brooks
Lillian Brown
Marcia Aird Brown
Peter J. Buenau
Grace N. Bugbee
Mabel Buhrmaster
Arthur J. Burch
Jesse E. Burch
Julia Howard Bush
Mary E. Calderwood
Margaret May Caven
Wm. A. Chandler
Lucy J. Collins
Kittie M. Crandall
Florence Delaney
Mariorie Dunn
Jacob M. Enders
Helen E. Ernst

Fahlbush, Carlie
Fargo, Christine B.
Fenney, F. May
Geersen, Bernie
Gorthey, Miriam
Walter A. Haberbush
Hall, Harry J.
Harris, Jennie S.
Heacox, Ruth E.
Johnson, Delight W.
Kathan, Alice S
Kingsbury, Charles M.
Kirkpatrick, Robert B.
Kline, Gardiner
Kline, Gardiner
Knight, Delia
Knight, Derrick B.
Knight, Russell
Lawrence, Anna G.
Lawrence, Beatrice
Leonard, Alice S.
List, Hilda L.
Manville, Jessie B.
Mattice, Mary
Mitchell, Nora I.
Moak, Lulu M.

Moore, Clifford
Newell, Grace E.
Newman, Gertrude
Ogsbury, S. Eleanor
Phillips, Mabel B.
Pohl, Emily
Rathbun, Lina Young
Rees, Jean M.
Riegel Catherine T.
Rowe, Anson H.
Rulison, Bessie M.
Sills, Flora M.
Steinmetz, Ina A.
Steinmetz, Ina A.
Stimming, William
Thomas, Ina K.
Ulrich, Lizzie L.
Urquhart, Leah M.
Van Eck, Barbara W.
Veeder, Jennie H.
Whitmyer, Cora L.
Wilde, Charles F.
Wiles, Caroline E.
Wooley, Eleanor M.

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